How Semalt Analytics Can Boost Your SEO Rankings

If you own an online business, you must already be familiar with search engine optimization, SEO. It is a combination of technical and non-technical practices with which websites can be made to rank higher in search results. Websites tailored for SEO get more visitors and hence gain more traction. Google and Bing are the most popular search engines out there. If you have used either one, you would know that most people rarely visit the second page to find what they’re looking for. Therefore, competition for the first page against a certain search keyword is fierce, to say the least.

Ever since Web 2.0, the world of tech has seen great evolution. Not only has new technology revolutionized society, it has also allowed businesses and institutions to make informed decisions when it comes to some crucial decision making steps. Quantification is the reason why they have been enabled to do so. Analytic software has dominated almost every field and marketing, whether digital or otherwise, has made the most out of it.

Semalt Analytics is professional analytic software that allows online business owners to efficiently track their own and their competitor’s positions with respect to SEO and overall marketing effectiveness. Its comprehensive and well-structured business information allows entrepreneurs and website owners to understand better: the dynamics of their industry, allowing them to make informed decisions and be ahead of their game.

If you’re looking into a good analytic software to help boost your website’s SEO rankings, then Semal Analytics is the right fit. Here’s how Semalt Analytics can help you boost your SEO rankings. 

Assess To Progress

The first step to achieving any goal is to have a clear picture of what the path leading up to that goal looks like. This means, defining clear and concise objectives against a deadline and working hard up the alleyway to success. For websites, this means assessing your current position on the web and figuring out some key metrics relating to both off-page and on-page SEO. 

Semalt Analytics equips you with the ability to have a complete analysis of your website’s position from a business stand-point. The analytic software helps you understand the quality of both your backlinks and internal ones. It helps you compare your page load times with your competitors’ and helps you better understand your website’s link equity.

Understanding these metrics allows you to figure out where you need to focus on and helps you divert your attention and energy to it. If Semalt Analytics states that you don’t have a high score in mobile-first indexing, then that’s where you need to focus. If it’s having backlinks to high DA websites, then Semalt Analytics will tell you just that.

Innovate To Lead

Semalt Analytics gives performance measures of your website and helps you understand regional values of your own and your competitor websites. It helps you observe patterns that you would not normally notice resulting in you having more information about your business, and giving you the data to look room for improvement in and create innovation on the get go.

With regional analytics, you can mould your marketing strategy into something that gives you the best chances of success in a given geographical region. It minimizes your risk and gives you a clear cut path to what you need to achieve and helps you understand how to achieve it. It also helps you distribute your resources carefully, allowing you to preserve your resources for more important things. 

Keep Your Competitors Close

Semalt Analytics gives you a winning chance against your competitors by presenting their position in the market relative to yours. You know what your competitors are doing and how they’re doing it. The analytics can be used to carefully plan your strategy to beat them in certain areas that can allow your website to rise above.

If you’re relatively new, understanding how your competitors operate will also allow you to get up to speed quickly. If you decide to perform your own research, it might take you a lot of time. But with Semalt Analytics, you can easily understand your competitors’ SEO strategies in your target search space with just a few clicks.

The analytics software also gives you the ability to quantify your progress over time. Using this strategy, you can actively receive feedback on your SEO techniques which are already in place, and build a feedback loop that improves your rankings with each iteration. 

Data At Your Disposal

With Semalt Analytics, you can easily convert analytic data into a format of your choice. With a simple click of a button, your data can be exported to both Excel and PDF formats allowing you to present your information in a human-readable manner and create presentations for your teams and customers. 


With Semalt Analytics, you can have a lot of analytical power at your disposal. It has several features that make it a great choice for your analytic needs.

Keyword Suggestions

Probably the most important aspect of SEO is keyword research. Determining the right keywords to target and rank your website against is only possible if you understand the search space better. Keyword research is a creative process that requires time and effort. 

Semalt Analytics gives you keyword suggestions on the go and allows you to understand the search space better. With its relative commercial keyword suggestions, your process can go a lot more efficiently. 

Keyword Rankings

Determining which keywords to target for your website’s improved SEO rankings is only part of the game. Search Engine Optimization is a process governed by trial and error. It is only after the feedback you receive by your SEO efforts can you determine their effectiveness. With Semalt Analytics, you can assess how well your keyword research is doing for your website’s rankings. It gives the number of visitors that were directed to your page via certain keywords. It also helps you create innovative content to get the maximum out of search trends.

Brand Monitoring

Understanding your brand value helps you make calculated moves about your website. It allows you to figure out how your website is being perceived by the audience, giving you the capability of delivering products or services to the best possible standard. With Semalt Analytics, your brand identity is measured by its popularity rate giving you the chance to work on your corporate strategy and increase awareness as may be necessary.

Position History

As you implement your SEO strategy, you’ll need numeric metrics to judge your website’s current standing around certain keywords. Semalt Analytics gives you your website’s keyword positioning by time, allowing you to see patterns that you may not see otherwise. A visual representation of your performance can do a lot of good when it comes to devising new creative strategies.

Explore Competitors

Search space is almost always dominated by competition. It is hard to come by a search term that is not being ferociously fought over. Semalt Analytics scouts your competitors for you and gives you clear insight into what their current positions are in the search space; where they’re the strongest; and where there is room for takeover. With these analytical measures, you can compete with your competitors with confidence.

Website Analysis

Search engines like Google have a secret formula which they use to rank websites against search terms. Although that algorithm is a secret, there are certain given metrics that websites have to meet in order to qualify for better rankings. These metrics include readability, contextual relevance to search terms, site speed and many more technical aspects. Semalt Analytics analyzes your website so you can be sure that it meets SEO criteria fully, and does not lack in any key area.

How Semalt Analytics Helps You Rank

Simply log in to your Semalt Analytics account and launch the data-gathering processes. The software will give you a detailed report of your website’s SEO and that of your competitors’. Semalt Analytics simultaneously suggests creative search keywords and terms that you can use to boost your SEO rankings. It does so by gathering data each day, around your website’s target search space and assessing user behaviour and common search trends.

The analytics are updated daily so that you’re never outdated on what’s happening in your search domain. With the various filters available, you can block out certain keywords making your research become more efficient. Features like keyword grouping can also boost your productivity.

Semalt Analytics also gives you the ability to take the data and analytics and expose them via Semalt’s API endpoints. Simply configure the endpoints and display your analytic data on your chosen source. 

To rank a website better on search engines, SEO needs to be performed. It is a creative and technical process that requires time and effort. With Semalt Analytics, your website’s SEO can be done in an efficient way, giving you the time and the flexibility to focus on strategy and innovation. Semalt Analytics helps you achieve your SEO goals with just a few clicks.